The Counterfeit Currency Of Muslims


Taken from a translated abridgement of Ibn Qayyim’s, ‘Tareequl-Hijratayn wa Baabus-Sa’aadatayn (Two Migrations And The Door To The Two States Of Bliss)’:

From The Characteristics Of The Hypocrites

Then whoever considers the blameworthy characteristics with which Allah described the Hypocrites in the Qur’aan will know that they indeed deserve the lowest depth of the Fire. So He describes them as trying to outwit Him and to outwit His servants. He describes their hearts as being diseased: and it is the disease of misgivings and doubts. He also described them as causing corruption upon the earth and mocking His religion and His servants; and being guilty of transgression; and of taking misguidance in exchange for guidance, and of being deaf, numb and blind, and in confusion; and laziness upon worship of Him and being guilty of fornication and remembering Him little; and wavering– which means their fluctuating between the Believers and the Unbelievers, so that they are neither fully with these nor with those; and of swearing false and baseless oaths in His name, the Most High. The also described them with extreme cowardice, and with an absence of understanding of the Religion and a lack of knowledge, and with miserliness; and with an absence of true Faith in Allah and the Last Day; and with their hating that Allah’s command is made manifest; and that they are grieved when the Believers attain good and victory, and that they become overjoyed when trials and tribulations befall them, and they avidly await the Muslims being struck by setbacks.

They also accuse them of what is not found in them, and they cast aspersions upon those who give in charity. He also described them as being slaves to this world; and that if they are given something from it they are pleased, and if they are prevented from that then they become vexed. Also that they trouble Allah’s Messenger (SAWS) and criticize him, and that they seek to please the creation and do not seek to please the Lord of the creation, and that they mock the Believers…

…He, the One free of all imperfections, also described them as mocking Him, and His signs, and His Messengers; and that they command evil and that they forbid the good, and that they hold their hands back from spending in a manner pleasing to Him. He also described them as abandoning remembering Him, and that they ally themselves to the Unbelievers and abandon the Believers; and that Satan has overcome them and caused them to forget remembrance of Allah: so they do not remember Him except a little. Also that they are the part of Satan, and that they have friendship and affection for those who oppose Allah and His Messenger, and that they say with their tongues that which is not in their hearts.

Also from their characteristics are what Allah’s Messenger (SAWS) described them with: lying when speaking, betraying their trust, breaking their agreement, behaving shamelessly when disputing, breaking their promises, delaying the Prayer to the end of its time and then rushing its performance– doing it quickly and hastily— and leaving off praying it with the congregation, and that the hardest of Prayers upon them are the Fajr prayer and Isha prayer.

Also from their characteristics is that their actions give the lie to their saying and their inner state gives the lie to their outward state and their secrets contradict what they display.

Also from their characteristics is that when they are in a dispute if you call them to accept the judgement of the Book (Quran) and the Sunnah they refuse that and turn away from it, and they call you to refer for judgement to those who have set up [partners] besides Allah.

Also from their characteristics is their opposing that which the Messenger (SAWS) brought with the intellect and opinions of men, and from their characteristics are hiding the truth and seeking to dupe its people.

So in summary, their affair is that they are in relation to the Muslims like counterfeit currency which is accepted by most people because of their lack of insight into the true coinage. So nothing is more harmful to the religion then this type of people…”


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