Agnostic Dreams

Taken from a halaqa  by Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Ramzaan Al-Haajiree, translated into English.

The Sheikh said:

“The religion [Islam] respects logical thinking, but with that ogical reasoning needs guidance and direction. There are certain things above logical reasoning and understanding. Affairs of the unseen. To have belief in these issues is a test for you. Are you in opposition to these [things of the unseen] or do you accept them and submit? Are you from those people who only believe in the 5 senses? These people, they don’t believe in the affairs of the unseen.

In these times the majority of people are of the people with no religion, or agnostic. He [translator referring to the Sheikh] met one of those people.  So he was talking about the affairs of the regular world and death [meaning what happens after it].

The Person said, “When a person dies this is it, it’s over.”

The Sheikh said, “Okay, then what happens after death? Is the person given a reward? Is the person punished?”

The Person [the agnostic] said, “The person is a dead person. If we were to dig up his grave we would not see anything of punishment or death. He is dead.”

The Sheikh said, “Do you sleep? Or do you not sleep?”

The Person said,  “Yes, I sleep.”

The Sheikh said, “Don’t you see dreams in your sleep?”

“Of course, yes.”

The Sheikh said, “After these dreams isn’t there happiness or sadness?”

The Person said, “Yes.”

The Sheikh said, “Aren’t there some dreams where you might see something that you actually do? Like for example running, or relations, or certain things that happen to you in your life?”

The Person said, “Yes.”

The Sheikh said, “Haven’t you seen a dream where you might have been burnt or in an accident and you feel certain pain from this?”

The Person said, “Yes.”

The Sheikh asked, “The person who is looking at you while you are sleeping, does he feel your happiness or sadness while you are dreaming? Or is he living exactly as you’re living?”

The Person said, “No [the person watching doesn’t feel it]”

The Sheikh said, “This person what’s watching you, does he feel what you feel? Or is he able to touch it? Or able to smell it? Or anything to do with the 5 senses? Do you believe what you saw [in the dream] of happiness or sadness?”

The Person said, “Yes. I believe in this.”

The Sheikh said, “Okay, don’t you see that sleeping is like a small death? This is like the person who actually dies. We believe in that. And, the people will be resurrected. Just like you were resurrected from your sleep.”

So the person, after hearing this, promised to look into Islam.


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